Send money online or in-store with our digital collection system

Empowering cashless transactions: You can pay us using PayID in real-time.

How TawakalSii Cashless Collection System works?

Why you choose us?

We are innovative and cashless remittance service provider. You can easily pay us using QR code or PayID with our instore digital collection system in real time.

We are Secure

Our trusted and secure technology ensures that your money is sent safely every-time.

We are Simple

Sending money is now easier than ever. You can use your mobile device or desktop to initiate a transaction anytime.

We are Swift

Your transaction is authorised swiftly, and your money will be on its way in minutes. Choose from a wide range of flexible options.

We are Super saver

Our competitive rates make us the best choice to value your money. Browse our international currency options now.

How It works.

Tawakal Sii cashless digital collection system


We offer following services.

Mobile Payment

Building on the concept of comfort, we offer mobile payment to keep you at ease.

Bank Transfer

Complete end to end secure transactions via bank deposit and withdrawal different locations.

Cash Pickup

Cash pickiup is the simplest and yet secure with our thorough checks and is available at multiple locations.


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